Where to watch your favorite movies: 4 Putlocker alternatives

Why do so many people choose Putlocker to watch movies? The main reason is that this website is completely free to use and users aren’t required to sign up. Besides, there are no annoying pop-ups when watching movies. Putlocker has a great collection of videos in a variety of genres, but the problem is that it’s often shut down. That’s why you should search for the best alternatives to get access to your favorite or recent movies. Look at the following ones.


It’s a great torrent website where people can download different videos through torrents. The best part is that it has a large database of updated and new TV shows and movies of different genres. 1337x indexes a number of torrent sites to make its selection bigger and more enjoyable for users. This means that you can easily download not only films and TV shows but also games, apps, and other files.


The list of top alternatives to Putlocker is incomplete without https://www.123movies.love/. It’s a great streaming site that offers a number of films to choose from. Its design is quite neat and simple. You should either browse the section of updated and new films or visit the genre section to find interesting movies in the chosen genre. It’s possible to bookmark the video you’re watching to get back to it later if you suddenly get distracted. The number of views is specified for every video to let visitors know about its popularity and rating.


It’s one of the best websites for streaming TV shows and films, and it has ads. Their presence is understandable because the online platform has to monetize. It’s a top-quality site for watching different videos, and that’s why it’s on the list of good Putlocker alternatives.

Its user interface is easy to navigate and has a neat design. Use a special search button to find a particular video or episode. All videos are categorized by their country, genre, and other basic criteria to make it easier for visitors to find what they need. The database of movies and series is updated frequently.


It’s a great choice when Putlocker is down because the site features a similar design and layout to the one of Netflix. That’s why it’s easy to navigate through this website. Another perk is that there are no ads. Niter offers a great selection of TV shows and movies. Use a special search button to find a specific one.

With these top 4 Putlocker alternatives, you can easily stream favorite and new movies.