What you Should Know about Google Pixel 3

This device has not been released yet but we currently have the information about it. Pixel 2 and 2 XL were much popular and fans of Google devices are waiting for its new products.

Pixel 3 is the upcoming flagship of the Google Pixel series. It will be based on pure Android system and is going to be released in October 2018. The price will start at $649.

According to early renders, we can say they Google Pixel 3 may have dual-lens cameral, and the XL version is going to have a notch. The shape and size of the device are similar to Pixel 2, it would also have a two-tone finish and the scanner of fingerprints.

Speaking about the screen size, it seems that the standard version of Pixel 3 will have the screen of 5.4 inches. However, other sources report about 5.5-inch screen and the OLED screen provided by Samsung. Rumors say that both of Google Pixel 3 versions will have screen protectors.

There are also rumors that Pixel 3 XL will have Qualcomm chipset, Ardreno 630 GPU. It will offer 4GB of RAM. Other sources say about a Snapdragon chipset and the ability to have 64 or 128 GB of storage with no slot for microSD.

A few days later, there will be the official release of Google Pixel 3. By that time, we will get the official information about its specifications.