Tokyo inventors came up with new super modern Toyota robots

It is no secret that Toyota has long been the world’s official partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Their task is to provide various mobility solutions that go beyond the usual conception of means for transporting participants of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020

It is important that their project is headed by the organizing committee of the Olympic Games, and also the project has the great support of the state and local government. Moreover, the company has a huge number of investors and specialists in the field of robotics.

Toyota believes it can certainly improve the quality of the event by contributing to the success of the Olympic Games by providing convenient and safe means of transportation. Also, Toyota presented a list of robot helpers that will be with you during the games.

1) Mascot Robot. The robot allows a person with disabilities to express their emotions through movements and flapping hands.

2) Humanoid Robot. The robot will help to communicate with other people if you cannot physically be present at the games.

3) Delivery Support Robot. The robot can easily take you to your seat or deliver you snacks and drinks.