The Advantages of New iPhone

Apple has recently announced its new series of iPhones that includes Xs, Xs Max, and the XR version. As usual, these devices are much more expensive than their predecessors so people want to know what is so special about them.

Speaking about the size, new iPhones are larger than previous versions. The screen of Xs has 5.8 inches, the XR has 6.1 inches, and the largest is iPhone Xs Max screen with 6.5. inches.

Developers also increased the strength of these devices. If you are an owner of such a device, you may not be afraid that coffee or tea spills, dust, and water would damage your phone.

The company also offers you more powerful batteries. The Apple representatives say that the new line of iPhones has the biggest battery size. It also supports the feature of wireless charging.

To unlock your phone, you will be able to use the facial recognition. Just look at your device and it will recognize you as its owner.

The developers also improved the quality of photos. With the help of 12-megapixel cameras, you can make good photos even if you are not a professional photographer.

Another interesting feature is Memoji. It scans your face and chooses an appropriate animation from its database. If you think that speaking emoji is simple, it will be even easier with these iPhones.