Microsoft resumes selling Huawei laptops

Huawei laptops have returned to Microsoft corporate stores. Many customers are puzzled by the tech giant’s move.

As we know, in May, all Huawei laptops disappeared in Microsoft Store following the introduction of American sanctions. Now, the tech giant backed off for some reason and returned that stuff to the market.

The company representatives told that having analyzed the new requirements they decided to keep responding to numerous difficulties provoked by the recent decision of the US government to slap sanctions on the Chinese company. Microsoft decided to proceed with selling their currently existing stocks of Huawei tech products in their corporate stores.

So, it’s not about future laptop models of the Chinese brand. Microsoft just intends to sell their stocks and nothing else. For example, customers can purchase Huawei MateBook 13, MateBook D, and MateBook X Pro.

What’s more, Microsoft has pledged to keep updating the software on those laptops.