How to Erase The History of Your Locations

Most of the Google users know that its devices track your location. Each time you connect to your Google account, it finds you and stores information about where you have been. It is useful for planning routes, calculating your daily walks, and other purposes, but many users don’t like it and think that the company spies on them. If you see that Google owns the history of your locations, you can erase it easily.

Start with turning off the Location History on your device. Even if it wouldn’t erase the list of your locations, it will stop recording all your movements when you are online.

Log in to your account in Google and go to There you will be able to manage your activity in the system. Open the menu and go to Activity Controls. You need to turn off “Web & App Activity”, also disable “Location history”. After this, location markers will not be stored in the Google database until you turn it on again.

To erase the history, look at the entry with a location pin. It will open a popup, you should click a link from this popup and Google Maps will open. You can delete any records about your location by clicking the button with three stacked dots and then clicking Delete.