A fresh Announcement From Microsoft

It has been already announced that Microsoft is going to have a press conference on October 2. It is going to take place in NYC, according to the invitations sent to the media. The main focus of the press conference will concern on the latest innovations from Microsoft, although there is a considerable chance that Andromeda device will not be included.

As the rumors say, all the attention will be granted to the Surface. Even though Microsoft has been working on Surface Pro refreshed design it is not coming out any time soon. But, latest Intel processors added to Surface Pro and Laptop line are indeed to be mentioned.

Let us remind you that all the hardware, software and services are going to be in the center of Microsoft gathering. What is more, since the new update for Windows 10 is coming out there is going to be some intel on the matter as well. Surface Hub 2 is going to be discussed too.

It should be mentioned that the Microsoft press conference will be held in between the same event from Apple and Google. It is safe to say that autumn will be full of innovative and refreshed surprises from the giants of modern technology. So, buckle up, it is going to be an exciting journey!