5 tips to choose the best laptop for gaming

The gaming industry is currently hitting the world of digital entertainment. Therefore, picking up the best laptop for smooth and easy gaming is becoming important for thousands of people, who love games. What are the basic requirements for the gamer’s laptop? Here is the answer!

5 Things any gamer’s laptop should have

  • The Core i5 processor is likely to fit most modern games. However, if your budget is not strictly limited, consider choosing an extremely powerful Core i7 CPU.
  • Having enough RAM is vital for enjoyable playing. The minimum amount of RAM of a gamer’s laptop is 8GB. However, this might not be enough for some memory-consuming games. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pick up 16GB RAM.
  • Here we can recommend following the rule “the more HDD, the better”. That is why you can easily combine SSD and hard drives for maximum performance.
  • 15 or 17-inching screens are good enough for gaming purposes. As for the resolution, make sure to have not less than a 1920*1080 display. Note: touchscreen option is not required for most gaming laptops.
  • Your keyboard should fit you perfectly. We recommend choosing the units with LED backlighting for having even more comfort during playing.